I’m gonna use this post to continuesly show all those design defection that I’ve been through.
The God Design is like this:
I think maybe I do this, it can have some effect in my mind, and i tried it, and yay! it works!

Switching input method in OSX

Sougou iOS custom input method

In iOS, u can register some quick input combo.
like me, if i type “zzzg”, it should have “zhengzhongzhao###gmail”

in the Sougou custom input method, we don’t have it.

iOS, Wechat, Renren sharing

It’s been a long time since iOS8 releases, but wechat(the most likely one to be the FB in CHINA) haven’t come with the extension of sharing.



  • 微信朋友圈内的分享
  • 微信的播放媒体后出现的BUG
    场景: 我在听音乐,微信里播放一小段朋友分享的歌曲。我再按线控上的播放按钮,就没有声音了。